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パク・シンヘ アフリカ奉仕活動、国内外行き来する安定した愛の分かち合い

2011.10.08 | 16:00

2011年5月から飢餓対策の広報大使として活動しているパク・シンヘは10月16日に開かれる2011年の世界食料デー"を控えて、飢餓対策の分かち合いキャンペーンである"STOP HUNGER"(ストップハンガー)に参加し、アフリカのガーナに愛を伝えて帰ってきた。

"STOP HUNGER"は、飢餓対策の食糧支援キャンペーンとして、パク・シンヘは8泊9日間、ガーナのポルガタンガ地域に滞在し、貧困や病気に苦しむアフリカの子供たちに食糧キットを伝達してくれるのはもちろん、マラリアの病気にかかった子供たちの病院に連れて行って治療を手伝い、カヤを買うなど暖かい心を伝えた。




パク・シンヘが参加した今回のアフリカのガーナでの奉仕活動の様子は、ドキュメンタリー形式で10月15日(土)『2011年の世界食糧の日特集、MBC -飢餓対策の分かち合いキャンペーンSTOP HUNGER"』で放映される予定だ。

写真= ent4him





My dearest, how do you do? yesterday, I called to south Korean embassy in Iran. I intended to come Korea in order to pass traineeship courses, work, refreshment,…
Unfortunately, the Korean embassy doesn't give work visa to me without any invitation from Korea.
So! Is it possible you give an invitation letter to me? As soon as you give your invitation letter to me, I will come Korea eagerly!
I will be so glad, If I can meet you ,…in Korea!
In present, I want to work, train,…in korea !
My morale will improve a lot as well, if I can come Korea!
I submit my address in Iran in the end of my email. I want to add my family,…conditions is so bad in Iran.
I plan to trip around of world in my longevity!
My dear! Please send my deep greets to all of your colleagues including my dearest:
Lee young ae,song yu ri,yoo in young,mika,maya,heina,hwang jin,…a lot!
I kiss my dearer from my soul Korean actresses so much!
I love you!
I kiss you so much!
I never forget you!
Your permanent lover
Kaveh yousefzadeh

My dearest park shin hye!

How are you going? In recent weeks, when I searched your name from Google engine site, I heard a bad news about you! As if you encountered with a car accident. I became so worried. But fortunately I heard that accident was inconsiderable. So, I became too happy from this news! I expect you never face with disasters alike car accident,…any more.
I extremely love you!
I severely love your acting in the Tree heaven series!
I like you so good play in the stairway to heaven series too.
I will become so glad, if I be informed about your daily work, leisure times,…!I will become so happy, if you have email relationship with me at least!
I wish I could meet you directly in near future!
My dearest park shih hye!
In recent months I have tried a lot for coming to Korea. Because I want to pass traineeship courses,… in Korea. I want to recreate in Korea. I want to work in korea,…I want to part from my so
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